Bridget Brewer is a writer, artist, and performer based out of Austin, TX and Mexico City.  She has been recognized by grants from the Joukowski Research Program and the Creative Arts Council at Brown University, and is the recipient of the Feldman, Frances Mason, Beth Lisa Feldman, and John Hawkes Prizes in Fiction.  In 2016 she earned her MFA in Literary Arts at Brown University, where she taught undergraduate and high school fiction workshops.  She now dedicates herself to teaching fiction and the literary arts in nontraditional spaces, and has taught theater and creative writing at women's collectives, with feminist boxing collectives, in public schools, with LGBTQIA+ youth organizations, and in homeless shelters, where she has worked artistically with people of all educational backgrounds, homeless populations, youth who register on the Autism spectrum, and women and children surviving domestic violence.  She is currently at work on a novella, a collection of short stories, and something she's calling an "illuminated manuscript."