big buncha buddies

In the spring of 2016, I worked with renowned children's performer Keith Munslow on writing and performing a comedic musical album for kids, titled Big Buncha Buddies.  Each of the songs explores various kinds of friendship, as well as how to be a brave friend and ally.

In October 2016, a single from the album, "Jilly the Ghost," played on radio stations across the country, including Radio Disney.  Then, in November 2016, we ran a Kickstarter campaign to offset costs and raised over 100% of our goal.  I wrote, illustrated, and edited the campaign film (which you can view here), and worked on weekly film incentives to garner more donations (one of them was a film of me reading my middle school poetry, which was just as terrible/great as it sounds).  We have toured schools, rec centers, libraries, and locations all around New England performing songs from the album and we've received glowing feedback from parents and kids alike.  

The album had a soft release in November 2016 and a hard release in February 2017.  In April 2017, it won a Parent's Choice Gold Award; in 2018, it was awarded a Notable Children's Recording Award.


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