january + february

2019 is NOT TRYING TO FUCK AROUND yall~! 3 major wonderful lovely opportunities are headed my way! if you’re in austin, tx, come check out 1 or 2 or all 3 of em! it’d be great to see yr faces!


milktoast millie & the scabby knees

my punkgrass band, milktoast millie & the scabby knees, is recording a full-length album full of rats n snakes n queers n rage n grief n love - and we need your help! beloved by queer folks and divorced women and hated by hetero boyfriends and husbands, we’re in the middle of an indiegogo campaign to help offset the costs, and if you donate you’re in good shape to receive some weird/sweet perks. (ya ever wanted me to get a little high and spray paint bullshit on a t-shirt? ya ever wanted a poster i’m designing myself? ya ever wanted a private class on improvised musicals taught by yours truly? all up for grabs…)

click here and help us reach our goal by the end of the month! and come see us at the hi hat pub later this month - who knows, maybe you’ve been dying to hear the gay truck love song of your dreams???

Annual Bake Sale (1).png

an evening with amelia young

the first time my dear friend ammon talked to me about dressing in drag as amelia young, one of mormon founder brigham young's most ferocious wives, we were in the bisexual lighting of cheer up charlie's and i think i actually screamed in delight. now it's finally happening, and he's asked me to accompany him as ann eliza, wife no. 19 in our debut for the 2019 frontera long fringe festival at hyde park theatre jan. 29!

amelia young and ann eliza had a tumultuous relationship - while amelia was the sanctimonious, willing, and favored wife, receiving (among manyother gifts) an entire house from brigham (which i painted in the image below! formidable, amiright?), ann eliza was the writer, the mother of two who was forced into marriage, and the one who eventually divorced brigham young and fled the church. in spite of their differences, though, these two women shared a common experience: the complicated, storied, difficult experience of being sister-wives on the western frontier. in this show, they rejoin one another after the chips have fallen - one of them still entrenched in the institution that continues to haunt the other. i'm so honored ammon asked me to join him in this show. it's something truly beautiful and funny and devastating and tender, created by someone whose talent, courage, and resilience continue to impress and inspire me onward. come see this show and vote it through frontera’s best of fest!


HIVE Art Collective’s featured artist-in-residence, february 2019

HIVE Art Collective, a local arts collective “dedicated to preserving the spirit of collaboration and skill sharing in an environment that feels warm and welcoming for women (trans/queer/cis) and non-binary people,” has selected me and 3 other incredible local artists to receive grants sponsored by the austin cultural arts division, allowing us to teach 2 workshops apiece and showcase our work in canopy’s first friday! i’ll be teaching my introduction to poetry comics class as well as a new writing workshop, “feast: writing from the body.” on march 1, i’ll be showing my body monologues-in-progress from “relic,” as well as an excerpt from the performance of these body monologues i’m developing under the keen eye of body movement artist kelly hasandras. it’s gonna be an incredible month! keep your eyes on this space for more updates!