Education                        MFA Literary Arts, Brown University, 2014-16                                                                              BA English & Studio Art, Bates College, 2007-11

Awards, Fellowships, & Grants


Finalist in Tarpaulin Sky Book Prize, Finalist in FC2 Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Contest (both for Beasts of Revelation, a novella)


Finalist in Cosmonauts Avenue Fiction Competition, FC2 Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Contest, No Tokens fictional letter competition

Awards from the Dept. of Literary Arts at Brown University: Frances Mason Harris Book Prize, Beth Lisa Feldman Prize in Children's Literature, John Hawkes Prize in Fiction

Grants from Brown University: Creative Arts Council Student Initiative Grant


Finalist in Black Warrior Review fiction contest

Awards from the Dept. of Literary Arts at Brown University: John Hawkes Prize in Fiction, Feldman Prize in Fiction, Adele Kellenberg Seaver Fellowship in Creative Writing 2014-2015

Grants from Brown University: Joukowski Summer Research Grant, Graduate School International Grant


Performance & Visual Work










July 2017: Donkeyskin [collaboration with musician Mabe Fratti and local actors], Mexico DF, MX.

May-June 2016: Devotionals [solo show], The Granoff Center for the Arts, Providence, RI.

May 2016: Quaint!: An Illustrated Manuscript Fable [stop-motion animation], The Granoff Center for the Arts, Providence, RI.

2015-2016: The Empire Revue [ensemble script-writing, musical composition, and monthly performance], AS220, Providence, RI.

November 2014: Choose Your Own Buffy [neo-benshi performance], McCormack Family Theater, Providence, RI.

May 2011: Fables [group show], Olin Arts Center, Lewiston, ME.


July 2017: Boxing as Poetry/La Poesia de Boxeando, Cuadrilla Violeta, Mexico DF, Mexico

June 2017: Writing With Your Improv Brain, Wage House Theatre, Providence, RI

May 2017: Writing With Your Improv Brain, The Hideout Theatre, Austin, TX

April 2017: Creative Writing with Out Youth, Austin Bat Cave, Austin, TX

Introduction to Poetry Comics (Teens), Austin Bat Cave, Austin, TX

March 2017: Wild: Feminist Forms of Making in Contemporary Fiction, HIVE Women-Identified Arts Collective, Austin, TX

June 2016: Fiction Workshop (Teens), Summer @ Brown, Brown University, Providence, RI

Fall 2015-Spring 2016: Brown University Course Instructor, Brown University, Providence, RI [Fall: LITR 110A "Fiction I."  Spring: LITR 100A "Introduction to Fiction."]

2014: Building Connections Improv Youth Program, The Hideout Theatre, Austin, TX [classes for children who register on the Autism spectrum, as well as classes for homeless families staying in the Family Ward at the Salvation Army Shelter]

2013-2014: AmeriCorps Counseling Intern with Communities in Schools of Central Texas at JJ Pearce Middle School, Austin, TX [over 1,700 hours working directly with 20 underperforming adolescents on a weekly basis in tutoring, mentorship, and case management; also co-created and co-taught Art Club with 10 female students, who successfully designed and finished a school-wide mural project]

Teaching Statement

I am weird and like weird things.  I focus my time on teaching in non-traditional spaces: with feminist boxing collectives, female and non-binary spaces, homeless shelters, organic gardens, and others.  Interdisciplinary and experimental voices which emerge from queered, in-between, irreverent, scrappy, chaotic spaces are of primary interest to me.  My belief is that the life of language should not only be allowed to flourish within the academy, but in the everyday worlds in which we circulate.  Prose and poetry belong as much to the community pool as they do to the elite classroom. 

I ground my teaching in first creating a community in which all members feel safe, heard, and valued, regardless of their experience, identities, or education levels.  When we move through texts in my classes, I don't just want them to be processed through expected templates of analysis, but rather digested slowly and lovingly, their language and content inflecting our entire daily experiences with their power.  From Djuna Barnes's flippant The Ladies Almanack, to Janelle Monae's album The Arch-Android, to Bhanu Kapil's performances from Ban En Banlieue, I compose my syllabi with as many voices as possible, with the understanding that the wider I pool from, the more likely my students will be able to find kindred voices that will help them make the work they want to make.  I assign weird prompts, I make my students go to taxidermy museums, I ask them to write love poems only using mathematical equations.  Mine is a pedagogy not just of makery, but of personhood and responsibility and survival.  I hope that with the stranger questions we ask of our minds come more honest answers for the page/self.