Quaint!: An Illuminated Manuscript Fable

Run time: 2:57

Chosen for exhibition in the Granoff Center for the Arts, Brown University, May 3-15 2016.

The early Catholic Church struggled at first to navigate visual depictions of Christ as both the Son of God and the Giver of Life to the Church.  Subsequently, there are specific illuminated manuscripts which contain illustrations of Christ's side wounds as vaginal entrances through which the Church was born - "Christ's Vagina Wounds," as scholarship has termed them.  Here, I have repainted real medieval illuminations using cheap gouache paints and DIY stop motion and voice recordings, attempting to evoke the long history of the vagina as both illumination done in rare inks and gold leaf, and the more punk Riot Grrrl connotations that painting a vagina contains today.

Also of note: "Quaint" was a medieval term that equated to "cunt."